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    Zhejiang Jinhua-horse Laser Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is located in the famous shopper's paradise - Yiwu. The company combines industry and trade, professional laser printing special edition made various patterns. Professional production of BOPP, PVC, PET, PE, PP, CPP and other laser film, aluminized, cover film, dielectric film, color film, cat eye mask, a lens film, 3D film, Glitter film, film stars Rainbow prime mask, anyway oblique beam pattern film, there are a variety of materials composite film, composite paper, gold and silver cardboard, laser paper, glitter paper, laser stickers and other packaging materials. Products can be made: flexible packaging bags, packaging bags Commodity accessories, handbags, gift bags, gift boxes, gift wrapping paper, tape, book covers, wallpaper and so on. Widely used in daily necessities, tobacco Fusi, hat and socks, flowers and gifts, medical, lighting, building materials, sports culture, jewelry, children's toys, advertising and decoration, decoration and other industries. Especially for exquisite packaging and anti-counterfeit labels a variety of upscale luxury goods.
    Leishemo lattice lithography using computer technology, 3D true color holographic technology, multiple and dynamic imaging technology. After pressing the hologram film with a rainbow dynamic, three-dimensional effect of the transfer to the substrate PET, BOPP, PVC, PP, CPP, PE or coated, and then use complex, hot stamping, transfer and other ways to make the packaging surface some kind of laser laser effects, thickness between 15-200 microns. Its production process involves a number of technical aspects of laser security plate, membrane pressure, coating and metastasis, compared with other products packaging industry, laser packaging materials not only a new, beautiful appearance, but also has a high-tech security features , known as the world of packaging and printing industry's most cutting-edge technology products.
    In 2009 we successfully developed 3D lens film, cat eye mask, Glitter film. Combines the use of optics special embossing process in the plastic surface of an optical lens array imaging or three-dimensional pyramid of film, imaging mechanism by changing the color or aluminum, decorative effect to improve and expand the product uses. Imaging and high, stable quality, printable coating can also be composite materials. Material to PET, OPP, CPP, PP, EVA, PVC-based, having a thickness of 20um-200um. Cheap, stable supply.
    Through long-term accumulation of learning and exploration industry experience, we have a solid and experienced horse Han technology development, production and management team. Of new packaging materials with strong R & D capability, with a very rich experience in production and application. South Korea has introduced a waste of money in recent years, China Taiwan and other places of advanced equipment, while the introduction of the United States, Japan, South Korea, the latest coating technology to ensure Hammadi product remains the leading domestic position and maintain the world's advanced level synchronization.
    Advanced technology, first-class equipment and scientific management, coupled with the quality of life we ??have always, in the "customer first, honesty first" principle, so Han Ma products by customers at home and abroad are welcome, market size and share continues to expand, and with Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other countries of the world-class companies have close cooperation. At present, our products have been widely exported to international markets, and has loyal customers from different countries and regions, particularly in Africa, Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other countries.
    Practice tells us: our long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises to establish a trust, complementary advantages, enhance the quality and achieve a win-win situation.
    We are committed to the future: we will be more warmly welcome all friends to site visits, field trips, discuss business, and vision.
    We also look forward to: domestic and foreign friends more enjoyable, more broadly, a higher level of cooperation ......
    We will continue to pursue with: "Service is only a starting point, with no end" business philosophy, always first-class products and perfect service, friends and work colleagues at home and abroad, and jointly create a better tomorrow.